Building My First Pedestal Arcade Machine

Looking for a new spring project, the guys on my street were clamoring for some retro gaming. Welp, since I had Logical Increment’s destitute build sitting around from my previous video series, I knew what I had to do.

This is CodetheThing’s build of a 4-player pedestal style arcade setup. What does that mean? Well the display will be mounted on the wall instead of within the cabinet. The advantage will be a larger screen and more space for 4 grown men to play in the man cave. Included are the parts, helpful links, and part 1 of the build video!

Design I followed:
Button Layouts:

Paid Affiliate Links

֍ Amazon:
Female Spade Connectors
3/16 or 10-24 Carriage Bolt
3/16 or 10-24 Lock Nut
Tubular Cam Lock
Mesh Tape
PC Case Fans
Metal PC Power Button
30inch Nickel Piano Hinge
Heavy Duty Leveling Legs
18 Gauge Wire Spools
Wireless USB SNES Controllers

Unpaid Parts Links

֍ Focus Attack:
Suzo Happ Buttons
Sanwa JLF Joysticks

֍ Groovy Game Gear:
3inch Trackball
3inch Trackball Mounting Kit

֍ Home Depot:
Ryobi Forstner Bit Set(1 1/8th req)
1/4 Washers
Spray Paint
Wood Glue
1×2 Pine Board
1×4 Pine Board
1/8 Acrylic Sheet
1/2 MDF

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Music (In Order)

Ooyy – Mt. Fuji
Tigerblood Jewel – Kermode
Ooyy – Leaving Serengeti
Ooyy – Aoraki
Patrick Patrikios – Monogram

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