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About Me

The Wife and I

I’ve spent over a decade in the IT realm. I’ve worked enterprise support at Fortune 500 companies, manufacturing, large financial institutions, and most recently at Morpheus Data. Each of these covered a wide variety of roles focusing on networking, storage, virtualization, automation and server support.

When I’m not working, I find myself an addict to learning. DIY is one of my favorite acronyms. Building a deck, 3D modeling, scripting crypto-currency trading are a few of my recent projects.

It can’t always be all work, however. I do enjoy the Cincinnati Bengals (unfortunately), video games (Black Ops, Overwatch, Rocket League), time with my family, and of course a good craft beer!


The goal of this blog is two-fold.

Implementing new infrastructure, software, and ideas to optimize enterprise each come with their own challenges and opportunities for knowledge transfer. My objective is to share what I’ve learned, and give a forum to others to share their experiences as well.

Second, my goal is to push myself. I learn through hands on experiences. Keeping up to date on software and hardware becomes harder the more agile development teams get. As I work for Morpheus Data, I want to maintain a depth of knowledge around different integrations within our product as well as up-and-coming technologies in the market. I strive for a depth of knowledge to not only navigate, but administrate when possible.

My Lab

x3 – R620s, 96GB RAM, Dual 8-core Intel Processors (ESXi)
40TB vSAN Storage
Morpheus Automation Suite (www.morpheusdata.com)
Clouds – GCP, Azure, AWS, VMware, Hyper-V

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  • Mike


    It was AMAZING working with you today! You are one of the brightest people I have ever worked with and from the looks of it, might play in the infosec world too. If you have github repo, I would like to give it a look 😀

    Mike O’Connor
    Tonaquint Data Center

    • Chris Bunge

      Thanks Mike!

      I appreciate the feedback. I definitely dabble in anything I can when it comes to IT. I do have several repos, but I think I have them all private at the moment. I’ve been meaning to get some of the code public (I do have a public Morpheus PowerShell module repo). Let me see what I can carve up!

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